Turning frame of single axis welding positioner

Metal fuselage independent development card 8GB memory 256GB hard disk

  • Model: Air 13.3

Turning frame of single axis welding positioner

Servo positioner is a special welding and cutting auxiliary equipment for industrial robots. It is suitable for the welding and cutting of complex workpieces, so as to obtain the ideal machining position and speed.

The rotary table of positioner adopts servo motor of famous foreign brands and high-precision reducer, with high rotary precision, accurate positioning and strong bearing capacity.

Through the configuration of different servo motors (linkage and non linkage), the positioner can be operated remotely by robot teaching device or external operation box. Chinese style

The single axis servo positioner is mainly composed of integral fixed base, rotary spindle box and tailbox, welded positioner, servo motor and precision reducer, conductive mechanism, protective shield and electrical control system. The workpiece fixed on the workbench can reach the required welding and assembly angle through turning. The rotation of worktable is controlled by servo motor, and the ideal welding speed can be obtained.

■ specifications of non-standard positioner can be customized according to customer requirements

Other attributes

Package volume 375mm*115mm*292mm

Whether or not the PC flat is double one or not

Applicable scene women positioning light and portable students business office high definition game family entertainment

After-sale service in China

Is it superpolar

Basic parameters

Brand Xiaomi/ millet

Series of millet notebook Air

CPU Core/ core i5 i5-6200U

Video card type independent development card /NVIDIA GeForce 940MX

Weight 1kg (containing) -1.5kg (no)

The number of 4 core lithium batteries for lithium battery

Color classification 13.3

2016 market time

Month September

Operating system Windows 10

Input device TouchBoard

Additional function type-C interface HDMI interface camera function speaker USB 3

Is built-in battery built-in battery


The memory capacity of 1GB

Mechanical hard disk capacity 0

Solid state hard disk 256GB

Memory capacity 8g


Screen type LED

The screen size is 13.3 inches

Screen ratio 16:9

Resolution 1920x1080

Non touch screen for touch screen

1 laptop computers

1 pieces of power adapter

Introductory guide (three package vouchers) 1